ONEPOST signs up to new Code of Practice to eradicate Scam Mail

In recent months there has been much media coverage on the subject of so called ‘Scam mail’.
Scam mail can be defined as: Mail which is sent in an attempt to part a person or corporate body fraudulently from money or assets. These are usually in breach of the Fraud Act.

To put this into some context, scam and scam mail comes in many forms:

Scam mailers are highly organised and are constantly looking at ways of getting to their ‘target market’.

ONEPOST understands the serious impact of scam mail and recognises our responsibility to doing whatever we can to safeguard our customers from such criminal activity.
That is why ONEPOST – along with other Downstream Access providers – have signed up to a Code of Practice to try and eradicate Scam Mail.

The Code – initiated by the National Trading Standards Office – demonstrates our serious commitment to try and avoid handling any scam mail. Commenting on this our Managing Director, Graham Cooper says “We will also take the opportunity to advise mailing houses, print brokers and the like of the possibility that scam mailers might be targeting them as a possible entry point for scam mail”.

If you think you have received scam mail please contact your ONEPOST account manager or please visit the Royal Mail website for further guidance: