More than 80% of consumers feel ‘in charge’ of their relationship with brands

Fewer than one in five people believe marketers are still in control of the relationship between brands and consumers, according to independent research commissioned by marketing services company Acxiom.

The survey question defined ‘in control’ as people feeling they ‘receive only the information they require, when and through which media channel they want it’.

Responses from consumers revealed a huge disparity between what the professionals believe people think of their marketing, and how consumers actually think about it … with 82% of individuals feeling ‘in control’.

For businesses, the findings mean that ‘push marketing’ – where brands broadcast messages to the mass market – has well and truly been replaced by ‘pull marketing’, with the individual in charge of how they receive information and interact with brands.

Other key findings in the Acxiom’s report Tug of Love; how technology is changing the relationship between consumers and brands – and what marketers can do about it include:-

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