Can you benefit from new schemes to save you money on postage?

Everyone loves a discount! And ONEPOST loves saving you money on the things you put in the post.
Now Royal Mail is doing their bit with some recent promotions to convince more brand owners of the benefits of direct mail, with the launch of various schemes offering significant discounts.

Direct mail remains a vital way to communicate with customers and potential customers. According to Royal Mail MarketReach research, the ROI for the total communications budget increases by 12% when mail is included in the marketing mix. The research also shows that 87% of customers are influenced to make an online purchase as a result of receiving mail.

There are four new promotions launched by Royal Mail… and if you require more information on any of them, please do contact us here at ONEPOST.

First Time User Scheme

As the name suggests, this is an ideal incentive for Advertisers who have never used advertising mail before, or customers who have not sent advertising mail in the last 24 months.

What are the benefits?

The postage credit varies dependent on format, service and weight of items mailed.

Testing and Innovation Scheme

As we all know, direct mail is a great medium for testing different concepts and ideas.
This scheme is designed to help customers test new mail applications such as welcome packs, maybe the impact of paper statements to a new audience or… how about a loyalty mailing to your most valued customers?

What are the benefits?

Applications are open now and will be accepted right through to 31 January 2018, so plenty of time on this one!

Scheme for Growth

This is targeted for customers already sending advertising mail.
Any customer sending new, incremental Advertising Mail of at least 250k items over a defined 12 month period. It includes post sent through Royal Mail, Access Operators or another postal delivery provider.

What are the benefits?

Applications will be accepted up to and including 30 April 2018.

Advertising Mail Catalogues Scheme
Perfect for customers looking to increase the number of pages in their catalogues or maybe trial an additional insert… and you can increase the weight – without increasing the price.

What are the benefits?

These are just the headline details of all four schemes, all designed to promote greater mailing activity, and the bit we know you’re interested in – saving money! Contact us today – ONEPOST are here to help guide you through the best options for your mailings.